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Mariams Gold


Mariam's Gold organic olive oil is produced in Deir Mimas, a little village in the mountains of southern Lebanon. Here, on the rocky hills and terraces and in the small green valleys, olives have been cultivated since ancient times.

The family-run olive orchards consist of around two thousand olive trees: the youngest are 60 years old, and the oldest are over 500 years old. They are farmed according to strict organic principles, and during the harvest the olives are milled in our own, very modern organic mill.

Who is Mariam?
Mariam was my grandmother. She was an enthusiastic olive oil producer her whole life, and I remember as a little girl how exciting it used to be to go with her to harvest the olives, riding on a donkey. I also remember her cool, dark oil cellar, where she used to store the golden oil in enormous clay jars, just as they used to do in biblical times. During my grandmother's lifetime, the village used to live mainly from olive oil production, until rural depopulation and war changed everything…


Now it's my turn to look after the olive trees. When peace returned to the region, I decided to start farming, and at last, after 30 years of neglect, the olive trees are standing proudly in their full splendour again. I fulfilled all the modern organic requirements, and so the olive orchards are now also certified organic.

The olive variety is one of the oldest varieties in the world: the "Soury" olive is named after the ancient Phoenician city of Sour, or Tyre. This olive variety is closely related to the original olive cultivated 5000 BC in this region, the "cradle of the olive tree".


Great care is taken during every step of the oil extraction to preserve the aroma of the fresh olives in the oil. The result is a high quality, spicy and unusually aromatic oil with a hint of sweetness.

Mariam's Gold is certified by IMC (Istituto Mediterraneo di Certicacione) in Lebanon and LVA (Lebensmittel-Versuchsanstalt) in Austria.

Bio Zitronen Olivenöl

NEW PRODUCT: Lemon olive oil!

When I took over the olive farm, I found a citrus orchard hiding among the olive trees. It was overgrown with masses of weeds and meter-high creepers. After cutting through the weed jungle, we discovered many lemon, clementine and orange trees.

With our modern, high tech mill, we succeeded in pressing lemons together with the olives. The result: an incredibly fragrant lemon olive oil! Normally, the aroma of a freshly-picked lemon fades surprizingly quickly – already 24 hours after picking the citrus scent is no more so intense. But if the lemons are pressed with the olives immediately after harvesting, then the fresh lemon scent with all its nuances gets preserved and fixed in the olive oil!

Lemon olive oil is NOT sour – the citric acid is discarded with the other by-products during the milling process. Lemon olive oil is excellent with salads, vegetables, sheep cheese, etc. Clementine olive oil is wonderful with exotic salads, fish, etc. Both citrus oils are also very delicious just with freshly baked bread….


Mariams Gold is a prize-winner
We made it to the TOP-TEN ORGANIC OLIVE OILS (4th place) in the Biofach fair 2012 in Nürnberg, the world`s biggest fair for organic produce.

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